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MOD Favorites | Gift Guide for Christmas 2020 - MOD Sportswear
Tonight we have EIGHT items on our Christmas Favorites Gift Guide!     1) Ashley loves this beautiful oil diffuser from Target! Ashley, our shipping manager, is our favorite oil gal. Surprising us with different blends and benefits every time we...
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November Favorites for 2020! - MOD Sportswear
  Today I am going to share a couple of my "favorite" things for November 2020. This could be a book, a product, or maybe even a thought. I hope you will find the content below fun, light, and heartfelt! ...
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Spotlight Blog: Gloria Burgess - MOD Sportswear
First, Gloria, we would love to tell our followers a little bit about you and your family.I am a third-generation missionaries' wife. My husband and I work alongside his parents in Madrid, Spain. We love the beautiful nation of Spain...
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