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Becoming MOD: From Stolen Goods to Sportwear - MOD Sportswear

Becoming MOD: From Stolen Goods to Sportwear

December 12, 2017

I started my first enterprise in 3rd grade – selling stolen goods to my classmates on the playground. Not all of them were stolen, of course: some items I swindled which is a lesser sin than stealing, I believe.  Regardless, …

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The Lattes of Sportswear - MOD Sportswear

The Lattes of Sportswear

April 11, 2016

I used to drink order just plain lattes from Starbucks. They’re creamy, warm, and subtly rich.  Then they came out with Flat Whites – it was like Latte 2.0. New favorite immediately.  Then they came out with Latte Machiattos. And …

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Spotlight: Jacqueline Moye - MOD Sportswear

Spotlight: Jacqueline Moye

January 25, 2016

  I met Jacqueline through Facebook. She’s probably like millions of women across the world – busy, over-scheduled, and tired. She made up her mind a few years ago to make some changes.  Jacqueline took some time to answer a few …

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