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Spotlight: Jacqueline Moye

by Hannah Billingsley January 25, 2016

Spotlight: Jacqueline Moye



I met Jacqueline through Facebook. She’s probably like millions of women across the world – busy, over-scheduled, and tired. She made up her mind a few years ago to make some changes.  Jacqueline took some time to answer a few questions for me – read on to be inspired!

When did you start running?

I started running in faithfully in 2013, with a C25k program, after I did a huge breast cancer walk for Avon. I walked 39.3 miles in 2 days. One day we did a full marathon and the second day we finished with a half marathon. I wanted to see how it felt to run it!


What is your personal best for a 5K?

My personal best 5k, slow to some and fast to others, is 30:23. My newest goal is to get it under 30.


Approximately how many races have you done altogether?

Official races, I’ve done 9.


What was the biggest obstacle you faced when learning how to become a runner?

The biggest obstacle I’ve faced as a Apostolic runner is having the right apparel! Although I have to say in the past year, it’s been easier! Other than that, my other obstacle of learning how to become a runner was simply just getting out there. It’s intimidating some times!


What race are you really looking forward to running this year?

The race I’m looking forward to this year is my first Full Marathon! I’m still debating between 2 races, Kiawah Marathon or Space Coast Marathon.


If there’s one small piece of advice you could give to a new runner, what would it be?

One piece of advice that I would give… that’s hard! Lol… okay, okay… I would have to say do not worry about time or pace (unless you want to be an elite runner) and worry more about keeping it fun! It’s about finding the joy in the misery that makes it worth it all!


To keep up with Jaqueline’s life, follow her on Instagram: skirtgirl_running.

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