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Spotlight: Ellis Brosam

by Ashley Leppo March 26, 2019

Spotlight: Ellis Brosam


This month for our Spotlight we are talking to Ellis Brosam! Ellis is an extremely hardworking young woman who is conquering the streets of Chicago with a camera in hand!


1. We LOVE coffee here around MOD, what is your favorite coffee
My go-to coffee for any coffee shop would have to be a latte. It’s hard to mess up a latte.

2. If you could describe your personality as a season, which season would it be, and why?
I would probably say spring. I like to stay positive and happy.

3. You are currently running a photography company, Ellis B. Photography, what lead you to pursue photography!
I have always been a lover of all things creative. I like using my imagination. For my 16th birthday, I got a canon rebel for my birthday. It was definitely a learning curve. There is a lot to a camera that I didn’t know but YouTube is a life saver. I was asked by my youth pastor and his wife to take some pictures for them. Soon after that, I was asked if I could take some engagement pictures and from then on I just made it a mission to learn how a camera worked and how to edit. It definitely wasn’t easy but now I've had the opportunities to do bigger things like weddings and I hope to just grow from there.

4. What was your favorite moment of 2018?
2018 was definitely more of a learning year for me. It’s hard to pick just one moment out of so many. I did have the opportunity to go to Greece on a missions trip. I was able to experience and learn so much from that week.

5. What is your favorite thing about modest fashion?
I think modest fashion is so elegant and classy. I love how creative you can be with it.

6. Who’s always in your corner whenever you need encouragement?
I am blessed to have people that I am able to lean on. Not only my church leadership and family but I am blessed with best friends that I know that, without a shadow of a doubt, will be there in my corner. They say that when you get older and you can say you have 1 or 2 close friends, you are truly blessed.

7. Do you have a favorite quote or slogan?
When I was at IBC there was a student who spoke and at the end of it, she read a poem. The sentence that stuck out to me read: “ mountain tops are needed but it’s in the valleys I grow.” I’ve lived every rough part of life since then with this in mind, knowing that in the struggles is where God is growing me into the person he needs to be. It allows me to be thankful for the struggle.

8. If folks want to find out more about your photography company, where should they go? I am on Instagram @ellis_photography, Facebook @inspiredviewbyellis and I have a website:

9. What is one of your goals for 2019? I want to work on growing my photography business and maybe start a blog.


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