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Spotlight: Cindi Creel

by Melissa Abarca October 18, 2018

Spotlight: Cindi Creel - MOD Sportswear

She's traveling the world & rocking MOD the whole way! Cindi Creel is #goals!


If you could describe your personality as a beverage, which beverage would it be, and why?
Real Coke.....It's "The REAL Thing".  I always want to be a real person with no pretending to be something different than who I really am. It's also my very favorite soft drink....though I rarely allow myself to drink one.
How do you take your coffee or tea if you drink either?
Coffee with a little Hazelnut Creamer. Unsweet tea with fresh lemon.
What is one of your proudest accomplishments in life so far?
My husband and I raising two beautiful daughters (married to two awesome men, each blessing us with two precious grandchildren; total of 4.)
What inspired you to become an advocate for a healthy lifestyle?
Seeing loved ones (family & friends) dealing with health challenges at a young age combined with wanting to be as healthy as possible to fully enjoy our retirement years. My goal is to live an active, healthy lifestyle.
Are you a Target gal? If so, what's the one department you can't stop splurging on?
Yes, love Target! Home Décor and the $3 SPOT!
What is your biggest pet peeve?
Negative attitudes....just makes no sense to me,....
How did you get into modest fashion?
Though I believe it is's a choice I make for how I want to dress and present myself.
Who's always in your corner whenever you need encouragement?
My husband and children.  I also have some very dear family &  friends who have been there for me through difficult times.
What has been your favorite part of 2018 so far? 
Taking a Rhine River Cruise from Switzerland to The Netherlands. We love traveling.... And I loved having my Mod Skirt on this trip!
Do you have a favorite quote or slogan?
Think Positive! Choose your attitude!
"When you expect something to happen (positive or negative), you unconsciously act in a manner which makes it more likely to happen". Self Fulfilling Prophecy
What's one piece of advice you would give yourself if you could have 5 years ago?
Actually way longer than 5 years ago....I wish that I would have advised myself to "NOT sweat the small stuff", and to choose my battles.

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