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Lazy Sunday Breakfast!

by Melissa Abarca January 20, 2019

Lazy Sunday Breakfast!

It seems that half the country is covered in billows of snow today. This morning when the MOD team rolled out of bed, pancakes were on our mind. 
Enjoy a little recipe from MOD for a Lazy Sunday Breakfast to try sometime this week. 

I always start with the Berry Syrup! Cooking it low and slow is the secret!
Combine 8 ounces of your favorite berries, sometimes I use just strawberries, or mix strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Whatever you have on hand will work!
Combine eight ounces of berries with three fourths cup of water and two tablespoons of powdered sugar and corn starch. Stir until corn starch is combined with the liquid. Sometimes I add a splash of lemon juice or lemon zest!
Place on medium-low heat and cover on the stove. Keep an eye on this stirring consistently. Long and slow is the secret to this syrup, I always start with this so that it is done by the time the pancakes are finished. 

Start by sifting a cup and a half of flour into a large bowl. Add three and a half teaspoons of baking powder and one teaspoon of vanilla. 
To the center of the batter add one egg, a cup, and one-fourth of milk, and three tablespoons of melted butter!
Gently combine until everything is mixed, but do not over mix!
Heat a pan on medium low heat, add butter to your skillet! I use a one third measuring cup to scoop out the pancake mix into the skillet. 
While the pancakes are cooking, whip up some homemade whip cream!
Combine two cups of heavy cream with a tablespoon of powdered sugar. 
Grab your hand mixer, or stand up mixer or a whisk if you want a workout!
Mix, Mix, Mix until soft peaks form!

Plate your pancakes and top with the berry syrup and whip cream!
This is great with a side of bacon, some scrambled eggs and a hot cup of coffee!

We hope you have a wonderful week!

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