modest runnign skirts
The Classic SportSkirt
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modest workout skirt
The LifeSkirt
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modest running shirt shirt
Motivation Running Shirt
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movement hoodie
The Movement Hoodie
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The Spirit SportSkirt
The Spirit SportSkirt
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modest snowskirt
The Exploration SnowSkirt
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sparkle bands headband
Sparkle Bands Headband

What makes the Sparkle Bands Headband different than other sweat bands?

  • 95% polyester 5% elastic
  • High Performance Active Wear – Helps you get through your cardio without hair in your face
  • Non-Slip – Velvet lining offers a secure hold that sticks to your hairline and stays there
  • One Size Fits All – Fits ages seven and up
  • Easy Care – Hand wash in warm water to clean and hang to dry

Ready to put your Sparkle Bands Headband to good use? Yah, you are! Click here to check out one of the BEST core workouts you'll ever do!
Sweating to much in 'other' places? Chafing is so painful! Check out our organic, handmade anti-chafing cream!

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Gift Card
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